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20 February 2013 @ 02:59 pm
allowance pay outrage  
in my line of work, people never ever get the salary they deserve. unless you're the biggest shot there is, expect the most pitiful paycheck every payday. as of the moment, i am under employment of a small-scale architectural office, which basically means we work on some equally small-scale structures that have little to no impact on the... world. it therefore follows that the company's income is proportionate to the expanse of our projects and ultimately to the salary  bestowed on workers (slaves?). but, of late, boss has been dreaming of expanding his office. when i say 'expansion' it means he seeks to hire new apprentices. because the starting salary he is offering is a BIG joke, professionals and experienced designers tend to steer clear of his way. as a result, the only individuals desperate or crazy enough to gain employment in his office are normally fresh grads and on-the-job trainees, particularly those who place experience & learning over salary. these trainees, whose status suggests they have yet to achieve regular positions as office workers, don't get salaries. for what should be a twice-a-month pay-out, they get allowance. allowances for apprentices usually range from 300-400 php per day, depending on the financial standing, of course, of the company. or the generosity of the financer. may i note that filipino bosses are seldom generous? there is, however, an exception to this general allowance arrangemen. the exception applies to the two premier architectural firms in the philippines, namely manosa and locsin. should one take into account the overall quality of their designs, he'd realize that the 100php allowance they give to their apprentices is very well justified. as a rule, these top firms make it a point to assure their trainees that they are, if anything, benefiting big time from being employed there, as far as experience is concerned. of course, the names manosa and locsin are an automatic advantage should they appear on your working history record. for whatever fucking reason, my employer determined to adapt this principle; that is giving his apprentices an allowance amounting to 100php per day. why, i could not have fathomed. all i know is, this is an outrage. first and foremost, the nature of experience one can gain from this type of office is available anywhere else. now, whatever amount he chooses to shell out is no business of mine, but for my convenience i would rather be anywhere on this fucking planet once he hands the shit down to the trainees. HELLO?? i wouldn't wanna be there to see the looks on their faces upon receiving the same amount they are prone to spend for fucking lunch alone. just what kind of desperate buffoons does he imagine these kids to be to assume they'd be appeased by that amount? why, it's only slightly better than loose change!