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15 February 2013 @ 09:38 pm
do they even know what they're getting themselves into?  
i don't like prying into my friends' personal businesses even if most of them go about parading some details of their lives which are, i think, much better off kept behind closed doors. i do, however, have the habit of blogging my opinions on them, whether anyone should like it or not. let me start off by saying my day didn't start off well, and as a fact, this may be is the worst day of my week. talk about saving the best for last, huh, friday? but whatever shittiness that occurred earlier was duly erased by the presence of my most favorite kid, who made it a point to receive me just as i was done securing the car at the garage. the sight of him instantly made my tiredness and irritation go out the window. because i missed him so badly i immediately dialed McDonald's number, as per his request, and ordered meals for three. although he could not finish his chicken meal, he sat around for maybe an hour and that was all enough to make me feel better. as he played temple run on his brand new ipad mini, it struck me that i could rest content spending my weekends like that. i really, really like the kid because he is very cute and, more importantly, very well-behaved and good tempered. you'd never see a kid whom you can take care of with more ease than this little dude. and to think he is already six years old, it's quite surprising that he can be kept occupied with minimal resources. when he had trotted off back home, i signed into facebook, only to be greeted by a photo of two of my friends, who happen to be a couple, holding up a printed sonogram reading. besides that, thre's another set of phots which feature both of them smiling and holding maternal care articles, like this packet of milk product catered to expecting moms. while i was happy for them strictly for the belief that they are elated by the "good" news, i can't quite help thinking what this development must entail. to start with, they've only been married for one and a half months. before they got married, they dated for only eight months. you see, it's not every day that you see this kind of relationship succeed, but for some reason more and more people, it seems, are jumping into this whirlwind fairy tale romance. as a matter of fact, one of my college classmates married his girlfriend today, after having dated her for six months, via long-distance relationship. he had actually only met her twice (or once?) in person before they got engaged. the rest of their interaction during their courtship was conducted through skype or facetime. well, i'm not one to judge, really. who knows, they might have been truly meant for each other, in spite of the guy's reputation for being a chronic chick-dumper who went about chucking one girl after another for NO apparent reason. in short, he was an asshole with a pretty face. going back to my father-to-be and mother-to-be friends, i wonder if it's a wise choice for them, or for anyone for that matter, to jump into parenthood so soon. of course, if it had been me, being the self-centered person that i am, i'd have wanted to explore my partner's personality and interests more thoroughly first before deciding on adding another entity that would invariably impact my relationship with him. in fact, i would do every sort of measure to avoid pregnancy. i mean, seriously. i hate to criticize, but will the span of three years be enough to enjoy a hassle-free blissful marriage? if both had known on the onset what it really takes to raise a child, would they have jumped onto the bandwagon of parenthood? did they receive any sort of counsel from those who know better, or were they fed the same ideals that seek to glamorize parenthood and family life? well, on the flip side, i don't know any better. for all we know,  the woman's definition of a meaningful/fulfilled life might just fall exactly into the category of changing diapers, cooking meals for the family, cleaning up after children's messes, entertaining them and keeping them occupied endlessly, sacrificing sleep and health for the little ones... frankly i see no end to this list, and, equally just as frankly, i can't reconcile my thoughts as to how something like that can be rewarding or even be remotely meaningful. it's basically like living one's life for another. if anything, it's like a downgrade to a life lived by a young and promising individual. the issue i'm trying to raise is plain; i am merely concerned about the likelihood of their relationship falling into narrow cracks what with the drain, both emotional and financial, a baby can bring. but, of course, who am i to talk? i just wish, wish to hell they're both happy with their decisions, and i'm thankful, utterly happy about staying childfree.