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05 August 2013 @ 02:13 pm
04 August 2013 @ 10:15 pm
29 July 2013 @ 10:36 pm
20 May 2013 @ 09:54 pm
I am currently on a diet, not because I'm desperate to shed pounds but because I want a somewhat complete nutrition intake. So every night I drink spinach and mango shake after my meal. Because the drink leaves me a feeling of being full, I have started to lessen my dinner intake. I then lost almost ten pounds in the course of like, maybe two weeks. I only gave it a serious thought when my cousin pointed out that I was getting very thin. I think my weight is ok and one can never really be too thin. That said, I intend to continue this diet for the heck of it. And it tastes real good, by the way. :)
When your boyfriend accidentally pulled out too late, magically assisting in the production of the soon-to-be glorified spawn/condom and birth control failure, it would be hard to refer to it as a "blessing", much less thank your god over and over again for the so-called wonderful gift. But you do it anyway. Why, I don't fucking know. When you get the hang of motherhood, to finally be a full-fledged mom, that doesn't necessarily mean you've become a better or more mature person all of a fucking sudden. It simply means you are picking up after your OWN mess. So when you claim to have grown to be more responsible and devoted by putting your children's needs before your own, I might as well drink the night away within inches of comatose, puke all over the fucking carpet, vacuum it afterwards, so that in the morning after I can proclaim myself to be the greatest domestic goddess a carpet has seen. So unless you're about 99.9% certain that your child will grow up to be the next pioneer to the advancement of cancer cure researches, shut it with the maturity drivel and, for the sake of humanity, stop strutting around as if you've done a service to the world by popping out your crotchfruit. After all, spreading your legs without bothering with condoms or the pill hardly amounts to a fucking miracle.

How, I wonder, can a child suddenly transform her mother into a somewhat better person in a general sense? From experience, I've often been given reason to assume the contrary is true. For instance, there was this time when my sister and I decided to go to the mall. Because commercial establishments often impose tight security on the public to avoid bombings and other attacks, we had to get in line upon entry for security checks which involved prying our bags open and our pockets being searched. If you use your imagination a little, this security routine poses congestion upon the entries and other patience-pushing threats. Well, one mother, who after being checked decided to tarry longer at the entry point, caused the traffic flow to slow down by standing there and hollering at her child who went to run around like an escaped ape. Completely unaware of the inconvenience she's causing, she hollered and hollered until it was about time for my sister's patience to snap. Sure enough, lovely sister boomed at the mother, "Will you get out of the way? People are being delayed because of you." The woman then flared up, indignantly, "Can't you see I have a child with me?" And so the scene got heated, with my sister spitting something back which sounded very much like, "If you can't contain your child then why have him in the first place when both of you are just gonna do a disservice to the world?" My sister then stalked off, leaving the mother incensed. You see, an average human being produces X amount of wastes in his lifetime, thereby adding weight to the already sinking ship that this world is, and worse there's always this too huge a possibility that he might be an asshole at some point in his life. But still you insist that bringing one of his type in this world makes you a better person. When you push a fucking pram on the fucking narrow hallway and walk at the speed of a fucking snail while other people behind you are stumbling on their steps trying to catch the next train, they have all the right to yell at you to move the fuck out of the way. If you so much as assume that the child you're pushing merits you the excuse to call the other person an asshole for being so inconsiderate, then you are the asshole. Why? Because, in the first place, if you hadn't allowed your partner to stick his condomless penis inside your unthinking birth canal, people on the streets wouldn't be running late to their appointments. They wouldn't have to deal with your screaming child who cannot be fucking made to shut up. When I'm trying to have a nice dinner at a restaurant and your fucking ugly littler girl keeps on kicking my chair, please don't be shocked if I give you, her parents, the death glare, because, again, a fucking condom is not so hard to use.
So it's Earth Day today and the people of San Diego celebrated by congregating all over the park in trendy outfits, all the while busying themselves with the merchandise and food stalls, only acting concerned enough for the environment by placing their trashes in their designated bins. Of course it didn't take long before avid Christ worshipers, anti-abortion rights demonstrators, and other groups started to wave their banners. All was well if it weren't for the pro-lifers' very visual choice of campaign. And there it was, a poster of a dismembered fetus in its third trimester. To set things straight, I hate abortion, not because the Catholic school in which I spent my entire high school life was viciously against it but because the idea of mutilating something potentially human is very distasteful to me. No, it has nothing to do with religion, as at this point one of my feet is well over the fence of atheism. That said, I do believe that abortion is a good choice for the women who know they have no business in parenthood. Going back, there was no need to parade such a gory sight to the public, especially when children were bound to see it. Yes, late term termination is horrible; that's why most countries and the majority of states in the US have banned it. I just hate that a number of people are getting blasted with more than their fair share of that horrid visual aid when they all came to the park to have fun.
18 April 2013 @ 12:38 pm
I'm so far loving America, but I would've loved to see the East Coast, where New York is. For a person who grew up in  third-world country, being able to chart the far west is an opportunity I would cut throats for, hahahaha.


So far, San Francisco, as an urbanized city, is the most gorgeous city I have ever set foot on. Vegas's dynamic activities were a blast, but SF's townhouses and steep roads hold too much attraction for me.
03 March 2013 @ 03:20 pm
multiple/serial vanity shots on Facebook are, let's face it, annoying, even more so when their occurrences range from five or more on your newsfeeds per day. let alone if it's done by someone remotely attractive. it's mean, but let me tell you that i don't log in to social networking sites just so to feast my eyes on repetitive, never-ending snapshots of your flat-out ugly face. with that puppy-eyed expression that could've looked more appropriate on somebody else's face, this ought to serve as a wake-up call to people like you. really, my appreciation isn't that hard to achieve; you just have to stop pushing it, otherwise be gorgeous, smoking hot. you see, as much as you gals wish to believe yourself to be actually pretty, there remains in every criteria of judgment something we call STANDARD. to add on that, there's the truth and the truth, more often than not, hurts. so what does your constant inclination to impose yourself on everybody's face tell me? it tells me you are, deep inside, not so deluded after all. by the simple fact that you cannot, i mean CANNOT, refrain from validating the aspects of your face, i am being told that you are subconsciously aware you ain't as good-looking as you would have preferred. because there is the nagging, unceasing necessity to present yourself in the best possible light, there must be something beneath the surface that needs hiding. you have to expose every angle of your face, pull every imaginable expression, if only to determine which suits you best, all because the sight of your face in its bare, unaltered and effortless appearance is far from delivering any sense of satisfaction. in fact, there's always this urge to post your photos, in your desperation, to fish for compliments. what people don't tell you is, when something needs verification on a repeated basis, it must mean it's running on a few shortcomings.

on the flip side, i applaud you for admitting this truth to yourself, albeit subconsciously. my logic is simple. i honestly believe insecurity asserts itself in different forms. in your case, your inability to cope with your sorry appearance can only be vented on a constant retreat to a vanity spree. you can't be blamed. these days, there can be nothing harder than to convince one's self of the painful truth. in fact, it's even harder than exposing a deception, as far as my personal experiences are concerned.
20 February 2013 @ 02:59 pm
in my line of work, people never ever get the salary they deserve. unless you're the biggest shot there is, expect the most pitiful paycheck every payday. as of the moment, i am under employment of a small-scale architectural office, which basically means we work on some equally small-scale structures that have little to no impact on the... world. it therefore follows that the company's income is proportionate to the expanse of our projects and ultimately to the salary  bestowed on workers (slaves?). but, of late, boss has been dreaming of expanding his office. when i say 'expansion' it means he seeks to hire new apprentices. because the starting salary he is offering is a BIG joke, professionals and experienced designers tend to steer clear of his way. as a result, the only individuals desperate or crazy enough to gain employment in his office are normally fresh grads and on-the-job trainees, particularly those who place experience & learning over salary. these trainees, whose status suggests they have yet to achieve regular positions as office workers, don't get salaries. for what should be a twice-a-month pay-out, they get allowance. allowances for apprentices usually range from 300-400 php per day, depending on the financial standing, of course, of the company. or the generosity of the financer. may i note that filipino bosses are seldom generous? there is, however, an exception to this general allowance arrangemen. the exception applies to the two premier architectural firms in the philippines, namely manosa and locsin. should one take into account the overall quality of their designs, he'd realize that the 100php allowance they give to their apprentices is very well justified. as a rule, these top firms make it a point to assure their trainees that they are, if anything, benefiting big time from being employed there, as far as experience is concerned. of course, the names manosa and locsin are an automatic advantage should they appear on your working history record. for whatever fucking reason, my employer determined to adapt this principle; that is giving his apprentices an allowance amounting to 100php per day. why, i could not have fathomed. all i know is, this is an outrage. first and foremost, the nature of experience one can gain from this type of office is available anywhere else. now, whatever amount he chooses to shell out is no business of mine, but for my convenience i would rather be anywhere on this fucking planet once he hands the shit down to the trainees. HELLO?? i wouldn't wanna be there to see the looks on their faces upon receiving the same amount they are prone to spend for fucking lunch alone. just what kind of desperate buffoons does he imagine these kids to be to assume they'd be appeased by that amount? why, it's only slightly better than loose change! 
i don't like prying into my friends' personal businesses even if most of them go about parading some details of their lives which are, i think, much better off kept behind closed doors. i do, however, have the habit of blogging my opinions on them, whether anyone should like it or not. let me start off by saying my day didn't start off well, and as a fact, this may be is the worst day of my week. talk about saving the best for last, huh, friday? but whatever shittiness that occurred earlier was duly erased by the presence of my most favorite kid, who made it a point to receive me just as i was done securing the car at the garage. the sight of him instantly made my tiredness and irritation go out the window. because i missed him so badly i immediately dialed McDonald's number, as per his request, and ordered meals for three. although he could not finish his chicken meal, he sat around for maybe an hour and that was all enough to make me feel better. as he played temple run on his brand new ipad mini, it struck me that i could rest content spending my weekends like that. i really, really like the kid because he is very cute and, more importantly, very well-behaved and good tempered. you'd never see a kid whom you can take care of with more ease than this little dude. and to think he is already six years old, it's quite surprising that he can be kept occupied with minimal resources. when he had trotted off back home, i signed into facebook, only to be greeted by a photo of two of my friends, who happen to be a couple, holding up a printed sonogram reading. besides that, thre's another set of phots which feature both of them smiling and holding maternal care articles, like this packet of milk product catered to expecting moms. while i was happy for them strictly for the belief that they are elated by the "good" news, i can't quite help thinking what this development must entail. to start with, they've only been married for one and a half months. before they got married, they dated for only eight months. you see, it's not every day that you see this kind of relationship succeed, but for some reason more and more people, it seems, are jumping into this whirlwind fairy tale romance. as a matter of fact, one of my college classmates married his girlfriend today, after having dated her for six months, via long-distance relationship. he had actually only met her twice (or once?) in person before they got engaged. the rest of their interaction during their courtship was conducted through skype or facetime. well, i'm not one to judge, really. who knows, they might have been truly meant for each other, in spite of the guy's reputation for being a chronic chick-dumper who went about chucking one girl after another for NO apparent reason. in short, he was an asshole with a pretty face. going back to my father-to-be and mother-to-be friends, i wonder if it's a wise choice for them, or for anyone for that matter, to jump into parenthood so soon. of course, if it had been me, being the self-centered person that i am, i'd have wanted to explore my partner's personality and interests more thoroughly first before deciding on adding another entity that would invariably impact my relationship with him. in fact, i would do every sort of measure to avoid pregnancy. i mean, seriously. i hate to criticize, but will the span of three years be enough to enjoy a hassle-free blissful marriage? if both had known on the onset what it really takes to raise a child, would they have jumped onto the bandwagon of parenthood? did they receive any sort of counsel from those who know better, or were they fed the same ideals that seek to glamorize parenthood and family life? well, on the flip side, i don't know any better. for all we know,  the woman's definition of a meaningful/fulfilled life might just fall exactly into the category of changing diapers, cooking meals for the family, cleaning up after children's messes, entertaining them and keeping them occupied endlessly, sacrificing sleep and health for the little ones... frankly i see no end to this list, and, equally just as frankly, i can't reconcile my thoughts as to how something like that can be rewarding or even be remotely meaningful. it's basically like living one's life for another. if anything, it's like a downgrade to a life lived by a young and promising individual. the issue i'm trying to raise is plain; i am merely concerned about the likelihood of their relationship falling into narrow cracks what with the drain, both emotional and financial, a baby can bring. but, of course, who am i to talk? i just wish, wish to hell they're both happy with their decisions, and i'm thankful, utterly happy about staying childfree.