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21 April 2013 @ 09:43 pm
Anti-abortion Demonstration at Balboa Park Outrages...Me  
So it's Earth Day today and the people of San Diego celebrated by congregating all over the park in trendy outfits, all the while busying themselves with the merchandise and food stalls, only acting concerned enough for the environment by placing their trashes in their designated bins. Of course it didn't take long before avid Christ worshipers, anti-abortion rights demonstrators, and other groups started to wave their banners. All was well if it weren't for the pro-lifers' very visual choice of campaign. And there it was, a poster of a dismembered fetus in its third trimester. To set things straight, I hate abortion, not because the Catholic school in which I spent my entire high school life was viciously against it but because the idea of mutilating something potentially human is very distasteful to me. No, it has nothing to do with religion, as at this point one of my feet is well over the fence of atheism. That said, I do believe that abortion is a good choice for the women who know they have no business in parenthood. Going back, there was no need to parade such a gory sight to the public, especially when children were bound to see it. Yes, late term termination is horrible; that's why most countries and the majority of states in the US have banned it. I just hate that a number of people are getting blasted with more than their fair share of that horrid visual aid when they all came to the park to have fun.