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03 March 2013 @ 03:20 pm
multiple/serial vanity shots on Facebook are, let's face it, annoying, even more so when their occurrences range from five or more on your newsfeeds per day. let alone if it's done by someone remotely attractive. it's mean, but let me tell you that i don't log in to social networking sites just so to feast my eyes on repetitive, never-ending snapshots of your flat-out ugly face. with that puppy-eyed expression that could've looked more appropriate on somebody else's face, this ought to serve as a wake-up call to people like you. really, my appreciation isn't that hard to achieve; you just have to stop pushing it, otherwise be gorgeous, smoking hot. you see, as much as you gals wish to believe yourself to be actually pretty, there remains in every criteria of judgment something we call STANDARD. to add on that, there's the truth and the truth, more often than not, hurts. so what does your constant inclination to impose yourself on everybody's face tell me? it tells me you are, deep inside, not so deluded after all. by the simple fact that you cannot, i mean CANNOT, refrain from validating the aspects of your face, i am being told that you are subconsciously aware you ain't as good-looking as you would have preferred. because there is the nagging, unceasing necessity to present yourself in the best possible light, there must be something beneath the surface that needs hiding. you have to expose every angle of your face, pull every imaginable expression, if only to determine which suits you best, all because the sight of your face in its bare, unaltered and effortless appearance is far from delivering any sense of satisfaction. in fact, there's always this urge to post your photos, in your desperation, to fish for compliments. what people don't tell you is, when something needs verification on a repeated basis, it must mean it's running on a few shortcomings.

on the flip side, i applaud you for admitting this truth to yourself, albeit subconsciously. my logic is simple. i honestly believe insecurity asserts itself in different forms. in your case, your inability to cope with your sorry appearance can only be vented on a constant retreat to a vanity spree. you can't be blamed. these days, there can be nothing harder than to convince one's self of the painful truth. in fact, it's even harder than exposing a deception, as far as my personal experiences are concerned.